Who is The Sunrise Center and what are we about?

In the beginning we were just Mark and Haley

We started off as Mark and Haley, with the help of some medical staff. But now we are much much more.

Mark and Haley are a married couple who are passionate about healing ourselves and spreading the benefits of ibogaine therapy to the world. We’re seekers by nature, laid back, adventurous and enjoy being around people.

We came to work with these alternative treatments after we used them personally for our own growth and deepening. First we experienced Iboga, then Kambo. Since we’ve worked with other psychoactive plant substances as well like Ayahuasca, Sappito, Xanga and San Pedro. While we highly recommend you use these as well for continued spiritual development, they’re more for after you take Ibogaine. Taking them first while you’re still using drugs would be dangerous.

After using these treatments we noticed an immediate sense of relief from addiction, disruptive habit structures, mind chatter, self destructive tendencies, depression and a deepened experience in the world. This all served as a catalyst to learn more and do some additional study about these alternative options.

Through much study and further use of these plant substance, we came to realize that working with plant medicines is our calling. We came to understand that our purpose is to spread the knowledge of these powerful tools for self development and addiction cessation.

It became clear that if we wanted to have a real impact on the world, we need to grow. We need to expand and become more than just “Mark and Haley”. So, we started looking around and asking for help.

Who we are has grown and evolved

Now, we have a great team, comprised of a complete medical staff, a massage therapist, cook, recovery coach  and multiple other support people.

We are so proud to be able to offer a more full, more effective and a super safe ibogaine treatment to every guest who comes to visit in our clinic. This has been a lifelong journey for us and we’ve made it. We finally got to the place where we can say we have one of the best plant medicine centers in the world.

Over time, we’ve refined the experience that you have as a guest

When you arrive you can expect to be treated as an old friend. We do the entire ibogaine treatment in a home, which has a bed and breakfast feeling. Different from other centers, we intentionally steer away from the sterile, clinical type of environment. We believe this enhances your comfort, level of trust and most of all the long term results.

The space we aim to create is one of highest health, compassion, safety and grounding. This helps you to feel you’re in a loving environment and have room to shed and grow as needed. By being in a comfortable setting where highest-self living is the primary focus, you have space to relax, recharge and enjoy.

The Sunrise Center‘s job is to administer Kambo, Ibogaine and Iboga in a safe, beneficial way and to hold space for you during your stay. We will support you and encourage you to thrive. We’re committed to ensuring effective and beneficial results during your time with us.

Expect a chill, grounding, supportive and fun environment

The team is welcoming and very friendly. There’s an emphasis on music, cooking great food, laughing and spending time doing adventurous and fun stuff. Most of this happens after you take the ibogaine alkaloid and is something to look forward to. The addiction therapy part of your trip is primary. Wether you’re detoxing from heroin, another opiate, alcohol, cocaine or other things we treat you like family.

You will be welcomed into our “family” and cared for like our loved one. We give you the care that we would want. We are flexible, attentive and fun loving. We’ll help you through this stage and coach you on how to land back home successfully and stay on your path.

Before traveling to The Sunrise Center to detox, read about the preparations we recommend and try to do them. Also, there’s a few important contra-indications to note. Make sure you read about these too, there’s not that many, but it’s helpful to be aware of what they are. If you have any questions about the details or about what you can and can’t do, please be sure to contact us right away.

These are important things to get clear about before you arrive for the program. We want to make sure there aren’t any side effects that aren’t intended or that would inhibit the effectiveness of the drug detox, so communicate any questions you have to us.

Call: 1-888-66-IBOGA
Email:  Haley@IbogaineMexico.com

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Beautiful food

Nutrition is at the Core of Deep Restoration. You’ll be treated to Beautiful Meals (and plenty of snacks) when you work with us.

Deep Healing

You’ll do multiple different kinds of Treatments during your time with us. We plan your Massage(s) for mid-week.


There’s all kind of Fun stuff to do in Baja California. Brings your Shades, shorts, and Hiking boots.


That’s what your really want, right? You’ll get that here. Ibogaine is incredibly effective, and can really help…


The Sunrise Center