Take Ibogaine to Kill your TV!

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It’s seriously time to throw out the Garbage in your life.

What garbage? The garbage that’s created in your mind and body by watching TV.

It’s time to Kill your TV.

Did you know that watching TV and getting hooked to it is also a sort of addiction. Yes, yes it is. Worse than that, you’re allowing false information about things in this world into your mind.

They tell you that there’s no way out of addiction except, that it’s a life long disease. Lies.

Ibogaine therapy is a great alternative to prescribed drugs held out as solutions to addiction. Especially if you are suffering from some sort of drug, substance, and other kinds of addiction. The tv and even the internet to some extent is full of false information.

When you take Ibogaine, this will be abundantly clear. At least it was for me. And still is.

Mark and I have come to basically never watch TV, unless it’s imposed upon us. Even then, we have a tendency to ask people to turn off their television if we’re at their house.


Because everything on that thing is lies.

There’s all different kinds of TV. There’s programs about nature, talk shows, reality shows, news and so much more that I’ve lost track of it all. While some might seem educational, fun or even like they make you feel better, it’s not true. It’s a lie.

They’re making you dumber, have worse posture, have incorrect views about how to live and what to eat. TV sends marketing messages into your mind that you have to take ibogaine to unwind, because they’re so cleverly crafted to imprint on the human mind. It builds up toxins in your body because you’re being sedentary and you experience unnatural emotions that the programs evoke. I could go on and on.

Maybe worst of all. TV makes you waste your life.

Waste it!!!

Instead of doing things like talking with loved ones, enjoying a fire, reading a book, taking a walk, doing yoga, learning something new, more and more people spend their extra time watching TV. Pretending that they’re getting something out of it. We ibogaine treatment providers offer a wide range of therapeutic programs for the recovery and wellness. And we assure you that when you take ibogaine, you would certainly gain more benefits than those lies you hear from TV programs.

There’s many studies out there to suggest the damage done by watching TV and general “screen time”. Look into it.


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  • Rick

    I agree TV is evil. There is nothing but doom and gloom. However studies have shown that that is EXACTLY what people want to see and hear. Why? Now that’s a good question ! Bad news sells better than good news by a large margin. Plus, whatever they pump into your living room is what THEY want you to believe…not what the truth is. There have been events and rallies as well as court proceedings that the media simply does not cover. There are actually 4 parties in Canadian polotics. The Conservatives, the New Democratic Party, The Liberals and THE MEDIA PARTY. Yes, it is a politico party unto itself. Read Ben Shapiro’s book “How the Left took over your television”

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