Be ready before deciding that taking ibogaine is a good idea.

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Taking Ibogaine is a big deal and you should prepare yourself.

If your system is compromised in any way, you need to prepare a bit. A few ways that your body might have been compromised are not eating proper foods regularly, not being hydrated, long term narcotic use, not exercising daily, or having an immune suppressant disease or disorder. Certainly there are others, but these are the most common.

Taking ibogaine is still something that can happen if any of the above applies to you. But you’ve got to get to work. You’ve got to get to work now.

What do I mean?

Well, it’s imperative that you work to jump start your system and you have to be an active participant in the process.

Taking ibogaine is work!

This is not a time for kicking back and relaxing. It’s not a time for being passive. It’s not a time for half-assing it. It’s not a time for making excuses and it’s not a time for blaming others.

If you’re not ready to fully bring yourself to this, you shouldn’t even bother. I’m serious, this treatment is for people who are serious. It’s for people who are ready to dive straight in and look straight at their “stuff”. If that’s not you, don’t waste your money.

You will learn so much after taking ibogaine. But none of it matters unless you’re ready. Ready to integrate the lessons with determination and ferocity. Ready to make changes. Ready to be bad ass.


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