Are you in doubt of the success that an ibogaine treatment program can offer? Our previous clients share their ibogaine testimonials about the the effectiveness of the therapy.

Below are a few ibogaine testimonials from some of our guests:

Below is an actual email we recently received from one of our previous guests (reprinted with permission). In addition there are other ibogaine testimonials so keep reading…

“I was addicted to Percocet for 3 years from a back injury.  I had tried to quit 5 or 6 times cold turkey, and was just not able to kick it.  Taking Ibogaine was the most important decision of my life.  I am a different person.  I highly recommend the Sunrise Center.”  -Anthony, Boston, MA

“My depression was keeping me from being able to get to work.  Iboga reset my brain and I haven’t had nearly the level of anxiety and depression that I had before.  I’m glad I found this treatment.” – Janet, Seattle, WA

Read more ibogaine testimonials on the home page from recent guests.

I know, it’s easy to not believe what people say about the ibogaine treatment program. You’ve tried to quit so many times and each time you have wicked withdrawal.

Nothing seems to cure this addiction or help the discomfort and offer true recovery. Trust these people though. These previous clients are sharing their review of us and their story with a newfound wellness to help you. They want you to have the courage to believe there is way out of the drug relapse cycle, because there is.

Watch the videos above which are all clinic reviews and read the written ones too. These are not a scam. Each testimonial is from a real guest. You will see that this is a spiritual awakening that will provide a safe way to detox. We offer a sanctuary like setting for you to experience this crossroads within. You will feel liberty, freedom and be forever changed. The nightmares that have been your waking daily life will be over.

Iboga therapy is an experience

This powerful west african root bark is the most effective thing in the world to get you off heroin or whatever drug you’re on. These experiences are like a dream. You go deep within your psyche and learn about yourself. You’ll learn about how to keep yourself from having the experience of addiction to heroin, an opiate pill, blow, methadone or whatever drug you’re on ever again. You’ll also learn how to care for yourself, what relationships need to be mended and where your “trigger points” are and how to manage them.

The Ibogaine alkaloid really does show you all this. It reviews with you why you’ve gotten here and how to ensure that this is over for good and that you never find yourself back here again.

Our centers setting is like a bed and breakfast in a nice ocean side house, but it transforms while you’re in your retreat. It becomes a safe haven for you to deep work.

When you leave you will be clear. So clear. Your mind, spirit and body will be rejuvenated and you will have a feeling of whole being wellness. You will feel great! Your vision will be brighter, hearing more acute and taste more pronounced. Things are going to look different, you will enjoy things more and be deeply content. You will be reset to a state of bliss.

After my first experience with this plant I couldn’t believe how different the sky looked. How much sensation I could feel in my body and how deep the cleanse went. Detox wasn’t even the right word. Ibogaine had purged my soul and my being. I was bright, fresh and clear. The mind chatter was virtually non-existent and I was free.

Ibogaine treatment will the best experience of your life so far. Your addiction will be over, drug use at an end and total wellness will be restored. You will have set yourself up for the best year of your life. If you treat yourself right and care for your body when you return home, this experience will just keep unfolding. This root keeps working on you. Your world will keep changing and substance abuse will be gone for good.

We love our guests. When you walk through this powerful program with someone you become bounded. You become family. The genesis of this family is Iboga and the experience at the clinic is like a birth of sorts. I don’t know if it’s like that at all clinics, but it is at ours. Ibogaine is a teacher to the person taking it and the people sitting with that person and it’s impossible to not be effected. Anyone who participates in this ceremony is touched.

Why don’t more people know about it?

It’s a good question. Why don’t more people know about it? What do you think the answer is?

I’ve got a few ideas. One reason is people are ashamed of their drug use. They are ashamed to tell the world there was a time that they needed help. That they had to go to an ibogaine treatment center and take a root called iboga to heal themselves. That they were out of control and that a controversial clinic down in mexico is what provided them the awakening to move past this for good.

They are afraid that this spiritual crossroads they’ve found themselves at won’t be understood by their friends and families. That if they leave a testimonial someone they know might see it and find out they went to a alternative rehab facility. That the effects they’ve experienced will be diminished or marginalized. That their heart will get stepped on.

Any of this sound familiar?

I understand. Many people feel this way. May of the people we work with share these ideas, I even share some of these ideas. But I ask you to have courage. Despite having some fear, I ask you to help us. I ask you to stand up and speak out. After you come for an ibogaine treatment and the Tabernanthe iboga shrub changes your life, do your part.

How, you ask?

Write a review online. Be willing to create one or a few video testimonials and spread the word. The iboga therapy centers need help. The dream that we have is great, but what is missing is people telling their story. Post photos to facebook, give credence to the psycho spiritual benefits and be descriptive. Heck, write something on webmd. Just get it out there. A user of this plants referral is far more believable than an addiction treatment center asking you to come for a retreat and trying to explain the benefits. People want to hear about it from someone who just went through this themselves.

Even if the retreat center is staffed by ex-addicts, people are skeptical and worried they’re getting lied to. There is no bbb for ibogaine treatment, so how do they know a clinic is legit?

They know because you tell them. They know because you share your story.

Please help. This is how we collectively contribute to the world healing itself. Help others heal from the addictive state and emotional pain pain they feel. Have the courage to share your story, give honest ratings to the clinic that you went to and help save people’s lives.

When is the best time to come?

The simple answer is: NOW

If that’s not possible, consider a few things. Do you have a break coming up at your university? Do you have sick days from work stored up? Are your finances in order? Line things up so this works for your life. Yet, keep in mind there’s never a perfect time. Sometimes you have to be a bulldozer and just create the path. It’s absolutely wonderful when circumstances line up and everything is synchronistic. You might not be able to wait for that though. If you’re reading this website, you’ve probably gotten to the place where you buy an obscene amount of drugs or alcohol everyday and consume them all. In this case, you need to just make it happen.

It’s time to have a do whatever it takes attitude and take action. Even if it’s a little messy. It likely won’t be any more messy than the current state of your life.

Iboga root will save you. Addiction can actually be over – for good. The freedom that ibogaine treatment offers is real. Read the testimonials, watch some reviews and make it happen.

Take a sabbatical from work, tell your university you have an emergency (because you do) and do what it takes. If you can, even schedule yourself for a little re-integration time after your retreat. Fly to Costa Rica, visit Vancouver Island in Canada, go to your favorite town in the USA or even stay in Mexico. Make the most out of this and take it seriously. The rest of your life awaits and it can be free. It can be in a state of complete recovery, where you aren’t jonesing, obsessing or fantasizing. All you have to do is get down here. The clinic is open, drug treatment is happening and we’re waiting for you.

It’s not too late

The cost of continuing the addiction cycle is too great and this is too effective not to give it a try.

Remember, this detox treatment helps rid you of all your addictions, whatever they are – food, gambling, cocaine, heroin, it doesn’t matter. The interruption that occurs is central to why it works. This gives you a chance to restructure your life with healthy habits and healthy people. This therapeutic process is affordable and has no side effects.

This doesn’t happen in the usa, so you have to come to Mexico. There are a few other countries that also have these alternative treatments, but MX will be the easiest for you to get to. When you’re looking into retreat centers make sure to do your research. You want them to be licensed and have medical staff on their team. This ensures the addiction treatment facility operates in a safe way and will be the most effective drug addiction interruption.

This root from africa is traditionally given in gabon for rites of passages. Addiction treatment is still effectively a rite of passage, but it’s more than that. So, when you’re taking it for rehab, it’s important to be medically supervised. Make sure the clinic you’re going to has a good reputation, knows how to do a treatment properly, has a medical doctor and is focused on healing. Luxury should not be your main consideration. True, having a nice environment that is comfortable and has some amenities is beneficial, but fancy can actually get in the way. Be weary of anyone trying to sell luxury to you during this transition in your life. Safety, how affordable it is, the quality of therapy and detox is far more important.

Really, it’s not too late.

Its not too late to sign up for heroin detox therapy at one of the ibogaine centers. It’s not too late to achieve complete recovery. It’s not too late to cure your addiction. It’s not too late to save your life. It’s not too late to find a facility that can take you tomorrow. It’s not too late to call the centers you’ve been looking into. It’s not too late to inquire about the cost of the treatments. It’s not too late to ask if your retreat is medically supervised, or what the policy is on alcohol usage or cocaine. It’s not too late to ask to talk to one of the staff members. It’s not too late to ask if they’re licensed. It’s not too late.

I mean what is the cost? We’re talking about your life here. It’s not too late.

It’s time. This african root will change your life and give you freedom from all substance abuse.

Give us a call: 1-888-66-IBOGA!

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