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We love working with these sacred plants, and we love to be a part of folks’ healing process.  We are always fascinated by how interesting our guests are. So many of them are business owners, parents, artists, and all around good people.  Important people in their community.  I know you’re like that too. Clearly you’re taking steps to make some important changes in your life.  I’m so excited to meet you!

Over the next few days/weeks you’ll get some emails from us about our treatments, how to prepare your body/mind/spirit, and what to expect. Please take a look at the videos, and of course if you have any questions give me a call.  I’ll be happy to talk anytime.

Here’s to your health!


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  • jarred Howard

    I’m concerned about pricing. What should I expect to spend?

    • John

      I am concerned about pricing also please update what if any info you received. Thanks

  • Dustin

    I’m curious about pricing am trying to find services for less than 3000 without traveling to Africa. They will do it for 1200 but I have no desire to travel there l

  • mike angeletti

    Need contact info want to get started rite a way.

  • Dell

    This site is like a clmsorsoa, except I don’t hate it. lol

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Beautiful food

Nutrition is at the Core of Deep Restoration. You’ll be treated to Beautiful Meals (and plenty of snacks) when you work with us.

Deep Healing

You’ll do multiple different kinds of Treatments during your time with us. We plan your Massage(s) for mid-week.


There’s all kind of Fun stuff to do in Baja California. Brings your Shades, shorts, and Hiking boots.


That’s what your really want, right? You’ll get that here. Ibogaine is incredibly effective, and can really help…


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