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Are you looking for holistic recovery from drug addition and substance abuse? Are you tired of taking the prescribed medications that were given to you? Do you have any idea where to look for the best and effective alternative medicinal cure to end your suffering? Well, the Iboga plant is the answer and it awaits you in Northern Baja Mexico.

The Tabernanthe iboga plant has a psychoactive ingredient that helps suppress your addictions and withdrawal symptomsIbogaine treatment clinics today are using the substance to treat their guests, as this is proven to be effective in restarting one’s life. Proudly, we say that we are a reputable ibogaine treatment center which can put your trust in to aide you in recovery.

Traveling to and from our ibogaine therapy clinic – The Sunrise Center is easy. You just fly into San Diego, California and we pick you up there, at the airport. Once we pick you up, we’ll take an hour drive to The Sunrise Center near La Mision.  This is a pretty easy flight to make from most places in the North, Central and South Americas and is a pretty affordable round trip fare.

San Diego is the closest airport with the most flights daily near us. The airport code is SAN.

Occasionally people fly into the Tijuana International Airport, airport code TIJ, but this is rare. There are much more limited flights into this airport, but there can be some good deals. It’s best to only do this is you’re flying from within Mexico already.

We’ve found that the best way to find deals on flights is to use google’s flight tool. You can find that at:

Before booking any airline tickets, please fill out the registration form. We’ll get back to you right away to discuss the length of your stay as well as other details.

Additional information about Iboga and Ibogaine therapy

Maybe you’re not quite ready to put together your travel arrangements for iboga therapy at our clinic.  Our blog will give you a lot of insights about this wonder plant, so check it out.  We’ve compiled the best iboga and ibogaine topics available for you to read. The goal is to give you the most relevant information on your specific curiosities about the iboga and ibogaine cure. We also talk specifically about how our treatment program works and what the elements of it are.

It’s helpful to know some details about the history of this african shrub from Gabon regarding how it’s traditionally a shamanic tool and also about the extracts that are available for use. This helps you to ask more informed questions to any iboga provider you speak with.

Most people who are utilizing this experience for addiction with find the greatest effectiveness when they use the ibogaine alkaloid in HCl form. This offers the most benefits when you’re looking to work through drug addiction and is what most retreat centers will use.

Some who focus more on spirituality prefer to emulate the Bwiti and their traditions will use the root bark. If you’re wanting to work through a dependency though, this is not ideal. Primarily because it’s impossible to know how much ibogaine is in the root before you take it, so your dose is unclear, which is not good when you’re working through heroin or opiate withdrawal. You want to know that your dose is going to work and give you results – for sure.

Like I mentioned before, check out the blog on this site. There’s a lot more details like these written there. You’ll be able to answer a lot of questions after a few minutes reading over there.

Join our conversation and ask questions. We are more than happy to help you.

**Topics discussed on this website are not medical advice and have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. This website and its statements, products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.**

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  • Ryan Shill

    Hi! My wife Mary is a recovering addict and we are looking for a ibogaine treatment center that is safe and professional. We are also looking for one conveniently located as we are in Southern California as well. Two questions, 1: Can I accompany my wife? she is worried about doing this alone. 2: How much is it and how long of a stay should we plan for? Thank you so much!

  • Jan Orourke

    How long does it take and are the facilities there that you reside in

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