Why is there a variance in ibogaine treatment costs?

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There really are a lot of reasons for the difference in ibogaine treatment costs from one retreat center to another.

The real thing you’re trying to figure out is where is the value at. Does the cost that a center is asking match up with the value they’re providing.

Here are some of the reasons. Ask these questions to determine if the value is there.

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Is there a doctor on staff?

There should be a doctor for consultations throughout your stay and present during your ibogaine treatment, period.

Is there a nurse or multiple nurses on staff?

You want there to be a nurse there at essentially all times. Their specialty skills are sometimes needed and you may have been prescribed medication from the doctor and may need to get things like an IV to aide in your recovery. Someone who isn’t a nurse or doctor shouldn’t be in charge of these things ever.

How much ibogaine do they give you?

Scrimping on ibogaine is not the way to cut costs. They need to be giving you a strong full dose as well more smaller amounts, called boosters, every day while you’re there.

What is the quality of the ibogaine they use?

There is a lot of “bathtub” ibogaine out there. You should only be dealing with people who work with the best, most pure ibogaine that is extracted in a real lab.

How many guests are there at once?

The fewer there are, the higher the cost to the center, but the more care you will get. You don’t want to be left on your own because there’s too many guests and not enough staff.

What is the staff to guest ratio?

Ideally you should be out-numbered at all times. Otherwise, you aren’t going to get the care you need.

What kind of support is available during and after your retreat?

Are there people there that are able and willing to talk and process your experience with you? This can be an integral part of the healing. You want them to also be available to you by phone once you return home, incase you need help re-integrating.

Is there organic food provided?

The healing process is much advanced with good nutrition. This is more important that it seems. When recovering from Ibogaine you need super high quality food to help you bounce back.

Do they emphasize re-integration?

Are they skilled and interested to help you figure out your plan when you return home? This is key to your long term success.

Do they do the appropriate medical tests?

An EKG should always be done and a liver panel should be available on a case by case basis.

Do they have a lot of experience with the process?

Have they been working with Ibogaine for a while? Or did they just start their center?

What are the accommodations like?

Is the lodging reasonable? Or are you sharing a bedroom with someone? Is more than the minimum standard there?

Do they pick you up in San Diego?

How do you get from the airport to their location and then back to the airport at the end or your stay?

What “extras” do they offer?

Do they offer massages, outings and other supplemental activities? Are there other treatments included like kambo and IV hydration therapy?

Everyone of these things and more contribute to ibogaine treatment costs. There are some things that are essential and others that are personal preference. But, all important things to consider.

Anyone can give you the “right” answers to these questions. So, you need to be clever and figure out if they actually do these things or not. It’s helpful to not ask leading questions and to make them come up with the answers on their own.



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