I want to participate in Iboga Treatment

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You’re looking for Iboga Treatment and are wondering how to make that happen.

First thing to do is to ask what it is you’re intending with taking Iboga.

Are you trying to participate in a traditional Bwiti ceremony?

If so, you should look into going to Gabon. This is the country where the tradition originates. There are people who act as guides and translators who’ll take you into the bush to do ceremonies with the tribes people. I know some folks who’ve done this and it was amazing for them.

But maybe you’re looking into iboga treatment because you’re dealing with an addiction problem.

If that’s the case you should go the direction of ibogaine, instead of iboga. Ibogaine is derived from Iboga and is the isolated alkaloid which has the addiction cessation properties you hear about. You’ll want to take something called Ibogaine HCl. This is a very pure form of Ibogaine substance that going to give you what you’re looking for.

Iboga is a powerful plant and is a effective teacher. But if you’re dealing specifically with drug and substance addiction, having the concentrate of Ibogaineis better. When you take Iboga you don’t know how much ibogaine is actually in the iboga rootbark, so it’s much harder to control withdrawal and cravings. It’s just a lot more of a guesting game than it is with Ibogaine. Ibogaine is precise and highly effective. It’s the only way to ensure you get a full enough dose to take out the drug addiction for good.

Some people use Iboga therapy for this purpose, but it just doesn’t work as well.

It’s not that it won’t work, it’s just difficult. Part of that reason is because of the quantity of the rootbark you have to eat. To take a full dose of iboga you’d end up taking a big handful of pills full of the bark. When you take the HCl you’ll only take a few. Obviously that’s a huge difference and you can see how it would have a different affect on your body.

Depending on your weight you might only take three pills total of HCl.

This is much easier for your system to digest and absorb. And helps keep you from getting as nauseous and sick. I’ve personally felt what it’s like to get sick off of that much rootbark and it’s terrible. I’ve never been so sick.

So basically, if you’re working to be free from any drug and substance addiction, the best thing to do is to take Ibogaine, not iboga.


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