What is ibogaine therapy?

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Ibogaine therapy is a treatment that’s highly effective in treating hard core addiction, mood disorders, and personal trauma.

Let’s start with the basics.

Ibogaine is an alkaloid that is derived from the rootbark of the Tabernathe iboga plant. And people typically take it if they’re having problems with addiction. It’s taken orally, in powder form via capsules. As soon as you take it any withdrawal symptoms will go away within minutes.

Also, within a half hour or so you’ll begin to feel the ibogaine coming on. You experience buzzing in your ears, heaviness and lessening of coordination in your body. After about an hour the ibogaine will be getting strong and you’ll then have a long visionary experience. It lasts a full day, sometimes a little longer. I talk more in depth about this and what to expect here, so check that out if you want.

It’s a process that takes some stamina, because it lasts a long time, but you can do it.

Ibogaine treats a variety of addictions and states.

People come away from ibogaine addiction free, withdrawal free, with a generally uplifted mood, an excitement for life and having worked through trauma and emotional pain.

I’ve also seen it be very effective in treating deep depression and PTSD as well.

Those who have struggled with lifelong depression and PTSD take ibogaine and then experience feeling uplifted and like themselves again. Like they’ve shed a few lifetimes of baggage and have their spark back.

There is nothing like ibogaine therapy out there. It’s so effective at healing the mind and taking away addiction. I’ve seen it be true over and over. It really is that good. This is totally real.


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