You’ve heard about it some, but what is ibogaine treatment?

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What is Ibogaine and what does treatment look like?

This article isn’t going to be exhaustive about ibogaine treatment. It’s meant to answer the basic question: what is ibogaine treatment? But if you want to read more, follow the links in this post and look around the rest of this site. If you do that, you’ll be able to get all the details you want.

First, let’s start with what Ibogaine is.

Simply put, it’s an active alkaloid in a plant called Iboga. This alkaloid was discovered to stop opiate withdrawals within an hour of taking it, oftentimes sooner. It works by going into the body and plugging the neural receptors that are asking for opiates, which stops withdrawals and stops cravings.

Ibogaine has also been found to be very effective for detoxing off other drugs as well. It’s most well known for the different types of opiates, but is effective with most drugs as well as alcohol. We’ve also seen great results with mood disorders, food and eating disorders, PTSD, depression, lupus and lime disease.

How does one get “treated” with ibogaine?

So, Ibogaine treatment is basically taking the ibogaine with a professional in a safe and therapeutic environment.

The way that looks at our retreat center is this:

You come in mid day on Saturday and we do Kambo that night. This helps with any withdrawals that may be starting to come up and also gives your body a pre-detox, which makes Ibogaine go much smoother and more comfortably.

The next morning we’ll give you IV hydration therapy, which will get your body be all prepared with vitamins, electrolytes and plenty of fluid. If you arrive early enough in the day on Saturday, we may do the IV then instead.

After we’re done with the IV we’ll start with ibogaine. Depending on your weight we will determine how much ibogaine to give you. This is a long process, which you can read more about here. It’s important to remember that every person’s experience with ibogaine is different. Some people have a big visionary experience, while others don’t. But what always happens is people get off the drugs the came here on.

After Ibo your job is to rejuvinate!

You’ll recover for a few days and during that time we get you massages, feed you organic super healthy meals, sit in the jacuzzi, go on walks as well as excursions around Baja. We’ll also talk about your plan for when you go home. We’ll share with you what we know about how to stay clean long term as well as be available to talk through anything that’s coming up.

The next day you go home. Over all this is a 6 day retreat for us. Other centers will have a different program, but this is the basics about how our program works. Hopefully this information helps to provide a some clarity and answer the question, “what is ibogaine treatment?”

I’m always available for questions. Just leave me a comment here and I’ll respond back. Keep reading, keep learning and decide if Ibogaine treatment is right for you.


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