Why Ibogaine AND Ayahuasca?

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A discussion on two plant medicines and how they work together.

Both ibogaine and ayahuasca are transformative and life changing on their own.

And when you put them together they synergize beautifully. They both have very different energies and personalities, so the way they communicate their message to you different too. Both are not commonly used by many ibogaine treatment clinics around the world – we’re the only ones.

Iboga and therefore Ibogaine has a much more grandfatherly, a little bit gruff kind of demeanor. While Ayahuasca is more feminine and soft. Both act as a mirror. Which shows, teaches and cures. They just go about it from a different angle.

An Image and an Analogy.

An image that we talk about sometimes is if you imagine ibogaine as the root system and lower part of a trees trunk and as ayahuasca as the upper part of the trunk and the branches. In this way they are a complete unit. Grandfather and Grandmother.

The roots take you down into the realm of the ancestors and deep inside, while the branches take you to the celestials and to what is possible.

Both heal, both are powerful teachers and both are unique. Ibogaine and ayahuasca are like friends. Friends not only during the experience with them, but always after. They are with you when you go about your day. They give strength, courage and love.

These two together are and unmatched duo. There is nothing else like these two plants that we know of. There are other teacher plants, but not like these two. These are considered king and queen. And one thing for sure, Ibogaine and ayahuasca both can cure and considered to be an effective healing therapy for people who are suffering from drug addiction and substance abuse.


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